Do you ever feel like life is passing you by? Or that life is simply a series of events that happen to you? Would you like to make more meaningful choices and actively create the life you want at work or play?

If so, Lara can help put you in the driver's seat. Using a unique combination of authenticity, playfulness, and a focus on results, she leads her clients on an adventure to find out what they want, and together, map out how to get there.

Whether you want to explore a calling, kickstart your career, perk up your relationship, or face down a debilitating fear, Lara's ability to probe deeply, ask powerful questions, and brainstorm ideas, will inspire and delight you.

Driven by a deep belief in the potential and promise of human beings, Lara thrives on helping people become their best selves.

The result? Nothing short of revolutionary.


What’s up at work?
Feel frustrated about your career? Want to be a better leader in the workplace?  Interested in developing new communication skills? Need to resolve conflicts that are impacting productivity?

Lara coaches individuals and groups to address numerous career and workplace issues including:

management skills
           want to be a more effective leader?
            interested in getting the most from your team?

conflict in the workplace
            need ways to better manage conflict?
            feel like you could step in to help more often?

confidence building and assertiveness
            know you have more to say?
            wish you felt more comfortable speaking up?

career design and development
           wonder how to take charge of your career?
            interested in making a change?

business design and development
           want to grow your business?
            curious about ways to be in the driver’s seat?

           need to get the word out?
           want to market yourself and still feel like you?

            tired of the cost of delay?
           wonder how to get things done?

time management
          want to be more productive in your day?
           wonder how to organize your time?

recruitment and retention
            lose too many employees?
           find it hard to find good people?

work/life balance
            wonder how to find time for play and work?
           want to create a healthier lifestyle?

You decide what you want to work on; Lara helps you do it. Contact Lara for a complimentary coaching session.


What’s up in your life?   
Tired of procrastinating? Feel like your inner critic is in charge? Want to follow your agenda, not everyone else’s? 

Personal or life coaching can help you get unstuck and into action. Lara has coached clients on topics including:

    a purpose-driven life
    core values
    confidence building and assertiveness
    relationship development
    improved focus
    career design and development
    time management
    work/life balance
    self image


Contact Lara for a complimentary coaching session.