What is coaching?

Coaching is a collaborative relationship. A coach helps you determine what you want for your life, and then supports you to achieve these goals. A coach is only interested in you and your agenda. With this objective support you can focus on what's really important to you.

Why work with a coach?

A coach helps you look at who you are - your being, your passions, your core values. If you are feeling stuck in old patterns, a coach helps you move forward and take action in the areas you identify. If you're wondering what's next, a coach can assist you to clarify your priorities. With a coach supporting you and holding you accountable, you can take positive steps.

What's the process?

The first step is a free sample session so you can find a coach who works for you. Once you decide on a coach, there is an initial meeting in person or on the phone where you and your coach decide how to work together. Your coach will learn more about you and what brings you to coaching. Coaching sessions usually take place weekly or bi-weekly and can be in person or on the phone at a time that is convenient to you. Email and phone support between appointments help you stay on track.