Lara Morris brings over 20 years of diverse experiences and skills to her role as a coach, facilitator, and trainer. She's worn many hats throughout her life, including bank teller, florist, lawyer, project manager, and yoga teacher.

Lara is passionate about helping people. Whether it's facilitating a team development session in the workplace, or teaching playful yoga to toddlers, Lara is committed to helping people learn and grow. With a strong belief in the power of community, Lara encourages people to open their minds and hearts to what's possible and how they can contribute to the world.

In work and life, Lara strives to be her best self and help others do the same. Her own recipe for a balanced life includes time with her family, a vegetable garden in the summer, knitting by the wood stove in the winter, a yoga and meditation practice, and a variety of paid and volunteer work.

Lara's current volunteer projects are:

chair of the Fundraising Committee for Supportive Housing for Young Mothers
member of the Gender Equity Committee for the Nova Scotia Barristers' Society
volunteer parent at the Halifax Independent School
guest blogger for HRM Parent

Lara knows that two heads are better than one. She thrives on collaborating with others. Current collaborations include:

Workplace wellness initiatives with Shelley Wallace and Lori Duggan
Beckwith women's retreats with Shelley Wallace and Catherine Bussiere
Sunday yoga and brunch with Local Source Catering

Contact Lara for more information about offerings.