As a facilitator, Lara believes in possibility - the possibility of people coming together, engaging in creative, meaningful discussion, and finding a greater outcome from their collaborative work. When people become engaged through meaningful dialogue, they're able to move forward.

Lara's blend of creativity, humour, and practical skills, encourages everyone to participate, even when it's messy. With participants focused on their collective interests, facilitated sessions lead to satisfying outcomes, for individuals, and the group as a whole.

Whether you want to free up everyone in your group for a brainstorming session, need help getting your team to develop a plan, or wish someone could lead you through a challenging discussion with your colleagues, Lara can help your group stay on track - with topics and time.

Contact Lara to facilitate your next meeting, retreat, or workshop so you can:

  • improve communication
  • develop a shared vision
  • focus discussions
  • save time
  • identify critical roles
  • improve organizational structure
  • meaningfully address conflicts
  • gain insights into organizational strengths and challenges
  • create an action plan

Clients identify facilitation needs - Lara designs, delivers, and helps you move forward!