Lara enjoys helping people feel engaged — in their work and in their lives. She designs trainings and workshops that are self-reflective, interactive, and fun.

Current workshop offerings include:

The Healthy Law Firm Workshop
(Cape Breton - October 23, Kings County - November 6,
and Halifax - November 20, 2009)

As a lawyer, you're interested in providing excellent service to your clients and working with motivated staff and colleagues. Lara joins Lori Duggan and Shelley Wallace to bring you an exciting half-day workshop about ways to improve your own efficiency and create a great working environment at your firm. Click here for additional information, and to register.

Being an Effective Manager: Coaching, Mentoring, and Strategic Performance Planning with your Staff
As a supervisor or manager, you’re busy with your own work as well as the additional responsibility of leading others. To be the best coach and mentor you can be takes intention, skill, and experience. In addition to helping employees plan their career development, your daily coaching and mentoring can make all the difference in performance and retention.


  • what it means to coach or mentor an employee
  • the skills needed to effectively carry out these responsibilities each day
  • how to strategically apply these skills, as you help employees with performance planning


Conflict Coaching: Intervening, Now
Some people know all kinds of conflict resolution skills, and have trouble implementing them.


  • to step in, even when you feel hesitant
  • how to support others taking action
  • the importance of sharing successes


Artists who want to support themselves by selling their art face numerous challenges in our culture.


  • ways to best market yourself
  • what’s important about grant writing
  • practical skills for business development
  • how to meet the challenges you face about valuing your self and your work


Work/Life Balance: What it means to you
When you feel balanced you have a sense that you can handle the multiple demands placed on you at work and in life. What balance means is different for everyone – once you know what balance means for you, you can take steps toward a more fulfilling, balanced career and life.


  • the elements of a balanced life
  • what balance is for you
  • how to practice balance in your life


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